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The best thing about Vari products is how gentle they are on your skin, my little girl has very sensitive skin but she can use Vari Cosmetics bath bombs and bubble scoops without any problems. Highly recommended!


I've been using Vari products for quite a few months now and I can highly recommend all her products. I have super sensitive skin and all the products are fine for my skin.


Her Bath bombs are amazing. Make my skin so soft, they smell amazing and her bubble scoops and bubble baths are just as incredible. Won't buy them anywhere else now. Love, love LOVE this company ❤

Alison Morris

Vari cosmetics provide the best bath bombs around. They are so buttery and soft and leave your skin feeling beautiful. Cannot recommend enough, they're an absolute treat!!


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CBD Bath bomb range

If you're a lover of CBD baths, then our very own range of CBD Bath Bombs are a must! We have partnered with our friends Mind, Beauty Soul to bring you our very own collection.

Here, you can find our popular essential oils blends such as Floral Slumber, Post-gym and Congestion, as well as popular fragrances like Raspberry and Coconut - all available as a Vāri CBD Bath Bomb!


best bath bombs for sensitive skin

We make the best bath bombs for sensitive skin, according to our customers.

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We care about looking after you and your skin. That's why we created our range of bath bombs to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin. All of our bath bombs are handmade by us in our Buckinghamshire based factory, so we have complete control over the manufacturing process and know exactly what's going into each bath bomb.

We don't go crazy on colours and we don't pack our bath bombs with nasty fillers to help them perform , which are the things that can often lead to skin irritation. Instead, we stick with more natural ingredients and keep any possible irritants to a minimum. Our bath bombs are proven to not only be perfectly safe for those with sensitive skin, but can also help with symptoms, especially our Butterbombs.



Which Bath Bombs are good for Sore Muscles?

Which Bath Bombs are good for Sore Muscles?

Whether you've an avid gym-goer or suffer from a condition like fibromyalgia, you may be wondering whether having a bath with a bath bomb might help with your sore, tired muscles. Here's our thoughts on the best bath bombs for sore muscles - with a bit of science thrown in, too.

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our values

At Vari, it's our mission to create bath bombs that do more than just provide colour and smell - we want to continue creating products that genuinely care for your skin.

We want to continue leading an honest business that gives back to the community - whether it's supporting fellow small businesses, donating to charity, or supporting our staff with above minimum wage pay.

And, we want to do all of this with a little damage to our planet as possible. We consider our environmental impact in everything we and everything we create.

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