Which Bath Bombs are good for Sore Muscles?

Which Bath Bombs are good for Sore Muscles?

Sure, there are many bath bombs out there that put on an incredible colour show or smell like your favourite perfumes - but, are there any bath bombs that go further to look after our bodies? Bath bombs for sensitive skin, eczema, bath bombs for acne or bath bombs that are good for sore muscles? The answer is yes, there are!

One of the reasons Vari Cosmetics exists is to create bath bombs that go further to look after our minds and bodies, as well as looking and smelling beautiful! Nearly all of our bath bombs and bubble scoops have some special about them that help in their own way, but in this article we're going to focus on the Post-gym Bath Bomb - a bath bomb that's good for sore muscles.


Why our Post-gym Bath Bomb is good for sore muscles

The Post-gym Bath Bomb is made of entirely natural ingredients, including essential oils that have been proven to help with side effects of working out, including sore muscles. One of these essential oils is called Camphor White essential oil, which is used in many cosmetics ingredients specifically to help with sore, tired muscles. Camphor essential oil smells a bit like peppermint, which helps to relieve congestion, stimulates blood circulation when applied to the skin which in turns helps to look after over-used muscles. To find out more about the benefits of camphor essential oil, you can read this article.

What makes our Post-gym Bath Bomb go even further to help care for sore muscles is that it's packed with Epsom salts. Also known as magnesium sulfate, Epsom salt is widely used to help with an array of conditions including acne, dry skin, anxiety and muscle soreness. When dissolved in water, Epsom salt releases magnesium and sulfates which can be beneficial to your skin and muscles and are often minerals that we don't get enough of day-to-day. To find out more about Epsom salt and how it can be beneficial to add to your daily routine, please read this article.