Why Vari "Butterbombs" are the Best Bath Bombs for Sensitive Skin

Why Vari "Butterbombs" are the Best Bath Bombs for Sensitive Skin

For those who don't know, a "Butterbomb" is a bath bomb that's great for sensitive skin because it has chunks of real shea butter inside. It's exactly the same as a regular bath bomb, except for the added butter inside (or on top!) that makes it extra moisturising and therefore the best bath bomb for sensitive skin.

If I've lost you already, why not read our reviews? See for yourself the benefits of using a butterbomb over a traditional bath bomb, especially if you have sensitive skin. We've had many customers who suffer eczema and other dry skin conditions feedback that our bath bombs, especially our Butterbombs, have helped with their sensitive skin and have even converted them to having baths and using bath bombs again!

If you love a bath but suffer with sensitive skin, you don't have to say goodbye to bath bombs. Try a butterbomb and see the results for yourself.


Shea Butter Butterbombs Benefits

At Vari Cosmetics, we offer three types of Butterbombs that have real chunks of shea butter inside:

  1. Raspberry Butterbomb
  2. Oatylicious Butterbomb
  3. Coconut Butterbomb

Our hot pink Raspberry Butterbomb is a best seller because of the gorgeous pink waters it creates, the sweet raspberry scent it gives off, and the silky soft bath water it creates from the shea butter chunks. 

Our Oatylicious Butterbomb and Coconut Butterbomb are both white colourless bath bombs, as colour can sometimes irritate sensitive skin. Oatylicious even has real organise oats inside that have also been known to help with dry skin conditions. 

Shea butter bath bombs are arguably the best bath bombs to use if you suffer with dry, sensitive skin because shea butter:

  • Is high in vitamins A and E, which keeps the skin healthy and also protects skin from UV rays
  • Improves skins elasticity 
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Contains fatty acids that nourish and sooth dry skin
  • Is emollient, which means it soaks into your skin and creates a moisturising barrier
  • Stearic, palmitic, and linoleic acids help strengthen the skin's barrier
  • Is an anti-inflammatory, meaning it can also help with acne
  • Is rich in antioxidants, which can help care for wrinkles and fine lines

Basically, shea butter is awesome. Especially if you have sensitive skin. So of course we add it to our bath bombs to create the ultimate Butterbombs - highly rated by so many of our customers and loved by many!

Cocoa Butter Butterbomb Benefits

We currently have one bath bomb that contains cocoa butter and that's our Cocoa Butter Butterbomb. This bath bomb is topped with running cocoa butter drizzle - and only a little of this drizzle is needed to create a moisture-rich bath. Cocoa butter is naturally harder forming than shea butter, which means it needs to be melted down typically to be used for bath bombs - which is why we created our glorious cocoa butter drizzle!

Cocoa butter is an extremely rich and nourishing butter that only needs to be used sparingly to reap serious benefits. Unlike shea butter, which penetrates the skin and creates a barrier on the inside, cocoa butter creates a barrier on the outside. The benefits of using a Cocoa Butterbomb are:

  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Highly moisturised skin thanks to the fatty acids in cocoa butter
  • Improved blood flow due to the phytochemicals found in cocoa butter
  • Vitamins help with fine lines, wrinkles and has even been used for pregnancy stretch marks
  • High in antioxidants which can help with damage to the skin such as dark circles under the eyes, dark patches and scars

In essence, cocoa butter is an extremely rich moisturiser that's like nectar for those with sensitive skin.


Bubble bars and sensitive skin

Unlike many bubble bars on the market today, the bubble bars we make here at Vari Cosmetics are actually referred to as 'bubble truffle scoops'! Why? Because they're made with about 20% butter (that's a lot for a bubble bar!).

Not many manufacturers out there make bubble truffle scoops because it's costly - the more butter you add to your mix, the more foaming agent you'll need to add and foaming agents aren't cheap. Butter is naturally quite heavy and the foaming agent will need to work harder to create those bubbles we all love, so more will be needed! Science lesson over.

We've been able to find the perfect recipe to create both bubbles and butter, making our bubble truffle scoops perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin who wants to enjoy both a bubble bath that leaves you hydrated and not reaching for the E45 afterwards.

We have loads of gorgeous bubble truffle scoops available in a variety of scents, so be sure to take a look around - and why not match them up with your favourite bath bombs? If you want to slip and slide around in the bath, why not combine your Cocoa Butterbomb with our Cocoa Butter Bubble Truffle Scoop?! Then, dry skin will be the least of your worries :)

I hope this article has been helpful. Suffering with dry skin or sensitive skin doesn't mean you can't enjoy baths or bath bombs anymore, and we're here to prove that. Try one of our Butterbombs today and see how it can help your sensitive skin.