Vāri Cosmetics Loyalty Scheme

Vāri Cosmetics Loyalty Scheme

We absolutely love all of our customers, and with our Loyalty Rewards Scheme, we're able to give back to those who come back and buy from us again and again <3

Here's how to take advantage of our Loyalty Scheme:

1. Sign up to instantly begin collecting points!
Sign up to instantly start saving points!

2. Make your purchase!
Every time you purchase with us, make sure that you're logged in and your points will automatically accumulate. You can check how many points you have at any time by logging in and going to your account dashboard.

Here's the different ways you can earn points:

- Sign up
And receive 100 points

- Celebrate a birthday
And receive 250 points!

- Make a purchase
And receive 10 points for every £1 you spend

Once you've accumulated 1000 points, you can cash in your points for a £5 off discount!

Alternatively, you can wait until you have 2500 points, at which point you can cash in your points for a £15 off discount... 

Orrrrr….. you can wait until you have 5000 points, and get a £30 off discount! The choice is yours.

It's really as simple as that! Since launching the scheme in summer 2019, over 112 customers have cashed in and used their discounts. We love to reward our loyal customers :)