The Health Benefits of Having a Bath (scientifically proven!)

The Health Benefits of Having a Bath (scientifically proven!)

Some people think of having a bath as a luxury; something that happens maybe once a month if you're lucky. When you can strip, put on some relaxing music, some scented candles, shut the door and be alone uninterrupted (hopefully) for at least 20 minutes. However, there's a lot of research these days that show how having a bath can actually be extremely beneficial to your health. Did you put 'have more baths' on your 2020 new years resolutions? No? Here's why you should!

    Bathing can help with stomach problems

    Feeling nauseas, bloated, constipated or generally just sluggish (hehe, yes I said constipated, what are you 9?!)? It's been scientifically proven that having a bath can help with common gastrointestinal problems. Because a warm bath improves blood circulation, it can help aid digestion. Think of it like a cup of tea for your outer body! Some say that having a bath can help you loose weight because of this exact proving.

    Bathing is also great for helping with problems like anal fissures (get over yourself!) and haemorrhoids, as the warm water increases circulation thus getting the blood moving around those areas.

    *important note - if you're diabetic, then be careful taking hot baths. A hot bath can lower your blood sugar levels and sometimes bring on a hypo.

      Bathing boosts your immune system

      We talked about a warm bath getting your blood circulating. Well, this is great for your immune system. Your blood becomes more oxygenated and flows much better around your body, getting rid of toxins. And, the hot steam you breathe in kills of bacteria! 

      Now, there is also research that shows the incredible benefits of having a cold bath, including improving cell damage. This has been proven to be especially beneficial to those who suffer with, or are at risk of, cancer. Want to know more about benefits of a cold bath? Click here.

      So, having a bath when you're suffering with a cold or flu really is one of the best at-home remedies! Whack in a Congestion Bath Bomb and you'll be on your way to feeling better in no time.

        Bathing helps balance your hormones

        There's lots of other research that's all very scientific that shows how either a cold bath or a warm bath releases different hormones to help you become more hormone balanced.

        We have a bath bomb called Floral Slumber, which has a beautiful lavender based essential oil blend with roman camomile and clary sage. Clary sage is a powerful essential oil that's been proven to go above and beyond helping women suffering from hormone imbalances. It helps with menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms in a very unique way. To find out more about clary sage and it's benefits, click here.

        Bathing helps with your core body temperature

        Seems weird that you even need to really think about your "core body temperature", but it's important. Ever sit there with cold feet or hands? Or if you have a cold you're warm but you're shivering? Even just when it's freezing cold outside and all you want to do is jump in a nice warm bath... it heats you from the outside in! Of course, you should always consult your GP if you have any existing conditions but generally speaking having a nice warm bath when it's cold, or a cold bath when it's boiling hot, helps your body regulate it's temperature wonderfully.

          Bathing is fantastic for your skin

          Having a hot bath opens up your pores and allows for a gentle cleansing, as well as hydration. The human body is essentially a giant cucumber, made up of mostly water, so sitting in a bath of water ensures overall hydration. Great! But, this is why it's so important to make sure that the water you're bathing in is helping looking after your skin! You want to make sure that the bath products you're using are treating your skin gently when it's at it's most vulnerable - not clogging pores or using harsh chemicals. That's part of the reason why we started Lavaná - to offer natural cosmetics that aim to help care for your skin when it's most vulnerable.

            Bathing helps you breathe better

            Not only does hot water and steam help to clear your sinuses and chest of any lingering cobwebs, being immersed in water past your chest with your head poking out makes your heart beat faster, increasing oxygenated blood circulating your body. This in turn helps you to breath slower and harder. Not to mention, on autopilot throughout the day we all breathe quite quickly without much mindfulness. However, when we're able to relax, we take more time and thought to take deeper breaths. Science!

              Bathing is good for your heart!

              We talked about having a warm bath increasing our blood circulation and making our hearts beat faster... and as long as you have no pre-existing heart conditions, this is actually quite a good thing! It gives your heart a work out. A warm bath can lower blood pressure and improve cardiac function. I personally love the idea of giving the excuse "I didn't go to the gym today, darling... so I'm going to have a bath instead"!

                Bathing helps look after your nervous system - and your brain!

                Plonking your body in nice warm water helps with pain and inflammation. The increased circulation of blood is what helps this, with blood travelling to those painful areas and flushing away toxins. This is great for your nervous system. The relaxation you get with a nice warm bath, the serotonin and the "little work out" we talked about previously - all good for your mental health, too! Everybody needs a bit of me-time without feeling guilty about it, so having a bath is the perfect way to take good care of yourself.

                  All-in-all, having a bath is more than just having a wash. It's taking care of your heart, your skin, your nervous system, your mental health, and your immune system. It's relaxing and feeling at peace, while also taking good care of that ticker inside. Add the right ingredients to your bodily cup of tea, such as therapeutic essential oils, salts, bath bombs or oils, and you take your bath that next step further to make sure you're happy, healthy and glowing!