The natural oils that go into our bath bombs

Making ntural bath bombs is a delicate dance of mixing dry and wet ingredients without causing any activation. It can certainly be trying, but once you get your recipe right it’s pretty easy to get going! The combination of bicarbonate of soda and citric acid is ultimately what causes the reaction of fizzing, which is what we all look forward to with our bath bombs! The wet ingredients you typically add to a bath bomb consists of:

  • Fragrance

  • Carrier

  • Emulsifier

And, especially when it comes to fragrances and carrier oils, there’s so much choice. To a point that most bath bomb makers have totally different recipes with their own benefits. For example, there are lots of artificial fragrance oils as well as essential oils which can be used to make your bath bombs smell nice.. And, carrier oils can include simple vegetable oil or can even be avocado oil - again, which have a range of benefits for your skin.

You can find all this information on your ingredients labels, but I’d like to walk you through the oils I use in my bath bombs so you know exactly what’s going on your skin and why it’s good for you!



The majority of our natural bath bombs use a carefully crafted blend of essential oils, which not only fragrance our bath bombs but also have heaps of benefits. For example, clary sage is a powerful essential oil that’s used by heroin addicts in recovery - it’s so powerful it helps them to relax and induces calm and a deep sleep, helping them recover quicker. Similarly, peppermint or bergamot are great essential oils that can boost your mood and get you ready for the day. The great thing about using essential oils over fragrance oils for your cosmetic products like bath bombs is that they are less likely to cause a skin reaction. Because fragrance oils are artificial, they can often cause irritation for people with sensitive skin or children. People with skin conditions should ideally avoid applying anything to their skin which has a fragrance oil, as it can often make it worse. Essential oils as powerful but natural and can even help alleviate some of these common skin problems. For example, lavender essential oil can actually help heal wounds. We prefer to use essential oils for both the mental and physical benefits, but we do offer a few fragrance oil bath bombs to offer something a little bit different for everybody.

We have a special category on our shop for the natural bath bombs we create here in the UK that are made with essential oils, so if you’re an essential oil only kinda gal or guy (or, you’d like to try them for the first time to rate the difference!) then head over to our shop now.


Whether your bath bomb (or face cream/serum/body lotion/soap - anything that gets applied to your skin) contains essential oils or fragrance oils, they need a carrier oil to prevent any harm to your skin. Applying essential oils, for example, to your skin without the use of a carrier oil can cause a burn or rash. I’ve experienced this myself during testing scents for my bath bombs - I threw some essential oils into my bath completely forgetting to add the carrier oil. After 5 minutes, the back of my legs began to itch and it got worse and worse. Then it was my tummy. I got out of the bath and my skin was red. If you ever do get irritation like this from not using a carrier oil then the best thing to do is to apply a carrier oil to your body at that moment. Simply washing yourself with water won’t do the trick because the essential oil is still on your skin and need diluting, so grab yourself some vegetable oil and rub some on the area that’s affected, then rinse with water.

Anyway, as I was saying! After much testing and trial and error, which all of us businesses need to do, I found a carrier oil that I loved and now use in every one of my bath bombs - Grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is quite literally made from the residue of grapes which have been juiced, so it’s vegan friendly and cruelty free.

It’s lightweight, so it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky like avocado oil might, and is also packed with vitamin e, vitamin c, omega-6 and fatty acid. It helps to preserve your skin, helping fight ageing and any damage from free radicals such as pollution, sun or wind. It really is an amazing oil. We buy our Grapeseed oil from a reputable brand which only sells high quality products, which is probably why so many of our customers feed back just how soft and amazing their skin feels after a bath with one of our products :)


Lastly, if you’re making a bath bomb that has some colour in, then you need to use an emulsifier to merge the colour with the oil and prevent it with separately or sticking to the bath tub. We use Polysorbate 80, which is an emulsifier made from vegetables. Not only does Polysorbate 80 prevent mica from sticking to the side of your bath tub, it also helps the oils in the bath bomb to disperse evenly. It also helps to create a bit of foam when your bath bomb hits the water. It’s vegan friendly and cruelty free, so it’s a win win! Some other companies use SLSA or SLS as their emulsifier, which acts a bit more aggressively in creating foam. We stay away from SLSA and SLS because we find Polysorbate 80 does the trick just fine in the most vegan friendly, eco friendly way we know.

So fragrance, carrier and emulsifier oils are the main oils that go into bath bombs. Most companies alternate or have their preferred oils, so be sure to take a look at their ingredients labels and do a bit of research especially on their carrier oil to make sure it’s going to give you what you need. I(f you have very dry skin then looking for a bath bomb that has some shea butter will certainly be good for you! Likewise, if you have very oily skin then you’ll probably want to avoid these heavier carrier oils.



Another oil that we add to our bath bomb, which isn’t required, is vitamin e oil. We love looking after your skin, so by adding a dash of vitamin e oil to each of our bath bombs we help to preserve, hydrate and care for your skin. Not all bath bombs have this - in fact, most won’t because it’s an additional cost to them that they don’t really need to include! However, we absolutely love using it. We’re certain that it’s this extra oil we add that is the reason so many of you claim to feel so soft and smooth after using one of our bath bombs <3

If you have any questions then please leave a comment below or contact me directly!

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