What is a wax melt and how do you use one?

What is a wax melt and how do you use one?

If you're new to the wax melt world, welcome! You're about to become an addict like the rest of us.

What is a wax melt?

Plain a simple - wax melts are a fantastic way of making your home smell beautiful. There are thousands of wax melt fragrances on the market today to choose from and, chances are, your favourite perfume or household cleaning items can be found in wax melt form! So, you can make your home smell like your absolute favourite scents. 

Not only is lighting a wax melt great at freshening up the home, it can also help improve mood. Certain smells can help to improve focus, concentration, relaxation, and even help you to have a deeper sleep! Lighting a tealight and watching your wax burn away in its burner is also super therapeutic. 

Here at Vari Cosmetics, we have developed our own range of wax melts to complement our range of bath products! This means you can now get your favourite bath bomb scent in wax melt format too.

What's even better is, some of our wax melts are made using natural essential oils to offer those aromatherapy benefits. For example, our Boss Babe Wax Melt is made using rosemary, sweet orange and peppermint essential oils which can improve focus, concentration and ignite an uplifting mood so that you're ready to start the day right!

Similarly, our Floral Slumber Wax Melt is crafted using clary sage, lavender and roman camomile essential oils which can help induce a deeper night's sleep and relax you if you've had a stressful day. And, if essential oils aren't your thing, then we have plenty of fragranced wax melts available too in popular scents!

How to use a wax melt

Wax melts come in varying sizes and shapes. Our wax melts come in snapbar shape, which makes it nice and easy to use. You want to snap off a cube of wax and place in your burner. If you don't have a wax melt burner yet, there are plenty to choose from on Amazon or from other small businesses on the market. This design is my absolute favourite, as I find this design helps the fragrance to circulate the room much better.

Once you've placed your piece of wax into the burner, light a tealight and place this under your wax (there should be a specific place within your burner to place this tealight). And that's it! Now you just sit back, watch your wax melt melt, and enjoy the beautiful aromas. 

Each cube of our wax melts should last approximately 4 burns. So, once your 2 hour tealight has extinguished, you can burn that same piece of wax up to 4 times and still enjoy beautiful scent.

Tips for using wax melts

Here are some of my favourite tips for using wax melts, including some safety tips as well:

  1. Make sure to use a 2 hour tealight, not a 4 hour tealight. This is much safer and ensures the wax or the burner don't overheat and cause any flames.
  2. Try melting just one cube first, and then add another cube if the scent isn't strong enough. Our wax melts are super strong, so it's better to test and add more if needed, then add too much and end up wasting the wax! Especially do this if you're using an essential oil wax melt, as you don't want to overpower the room with essential oils.
  3. The best way to remove your wax melt from the burner is to allow it to harden by keeping it away from heat. Once it's hardened, try shimmying it out of the burner. If it's too hard, light a tealight and try again after 10 seconds. The wax disc should just pop out of the burner. If this doesn't work, then when your wax is still in liquid form, extinguish the tealight and then apply cotton pads to the wax mixture. The cotton pads will soak up the wax and allow you to easily clean the burner, ready for the next wax melt!
  4. Store your wax melts in a cool, dark place to ensure the best burn.
  5. If you have pets, always talk to a vet before burning any essential oil wax melts or candles.
  6. Keep the CLP label on the back of your wax melt in case you need this to check any allergens or warning statements.
  7. Only buy wax melts from reputable companies that are compliant. Wax melts should only contain a limited amount of fragrance oil, and essential oil wax melts need to be safety tested before they can be sold on the market, so buying from someone you trust is a must!

Now you're up-to-date on the wax world, why not go ahead and try some for yourself?! Get your wax melt burner ordered and choose from our selection of gorgeous wax melts. Enjoy :)