Calm Bath Salts

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These strongly scented bath salts are handmade by The One Co Cheshire using organic skin-loving ingredients like Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts and a blend of natural essential oils and botanicals proven to help you relax. They'll leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated and the strong smell of natural essential oils will calm you, ready for a wonderful nights sleep.

Combine these bath salts with the Calming Bubble Scoop or a Floral Slumber bath bomb and you'll be in for one heavenly bath time experience!


These bath salts come in eco-friendly and waterproof Kraft paper bags for easy storage and distribution.

Approx weight 200g.


Gently pour a small amount of the bath salts into your bath tub and wait for them to dissolve for maximum effect. These bath salts are strongly scented so you really don't need a lot to enjoy a nice bath.