Celebration Brittle



Have a celebration to go to and looking for a gift? We've got you covered! Our personalised Celebration Brittles are designed to be broken up into chunks to use in a relaxing bath.  We have created them to be available in two sizes and four scents, making them the perfect gift for any celebration: Birthdays, Hen-do, Moving House, Exams, you name it! The person you love, will love it! 

They also make the perfect party bag addition.  Simply break the brittle up and pop into party bags for your guests to take home as a fun reminder of the great day they've had! 

Currently available in four beautiful scents: 

- Lavender Mint Bath Celebration Brittle (decoration in purple) 

- Watermelon Butterbomb Celebration Brittle (decoration in pink and green) 

- Cocoa Butterbomb Celebration Brittle (decoration in gold and silver) 

- Tropical Butterbomb Celebration Brittle (decoration in yellow, orange and gold)

Two sizes to choose from:

- Rectangle:  24cm x 37cm brittle weighting approx. 1400g 

- Square: 17cm x 17 cm brittle weighting approx. 700g 

You can add any personal message to your Celebration Brittle, just include your message in the order form (limited to 30 characters).  The Celebration Brittle will be gift wrapped and shipped directly to you or the lucky recipient.


As each Celebration Brittle is made to order, we request that you allow two weeks for us to complete and deliver your order in time.  If your order is urgent, please email us first.  

Due to the nature of the product, the Celebration Brittle is delicate and may break during transportation, but this won’t impact the fun of breaking off chunks to use in the bath!

    ♡ Why choose a Vari Bath bomb? 

    Bath bombs are a fantastic way to make your bath more enjoyable! And, we actually make bath bombs that are good for your skin, too (no joke, check out our reviews!)

    Each bath bomb is packed with luxurious grapeseed oil, which offers a light moisture; a helping of vitamin e to care for skin; and our Butterbombs even have Shea (or cocoa butter) in to penetrate and hydrate skin. That’s why so many of you with dry or sensitive skin love our bath bombs and come back time and time again!

    *We do not test our products on animals, and neither do our suppliers. We're proud to be cruelty-free.

    ♡ How to use a Bath Bomb

    Fill your bath with lots of lovely warm water - just how you normally would. Then, when you’re about to get in, gently lower your bath bomb into the water and watch it fizz, float and foam!.. you can of course throw it in, plonk it in, hold it under water... whatever takes your fancy! But we do suggest gently lowering it into the water so as to avoid any splash back!

    Whilst it’s fizzing away, it releases all its wonderful goodness into the water to create silky smooth and colourful water that will also smell divine!

    ♡ Recycle

    Remember to recycle your bath bomb packaging! All of our packaging, including the packaging peanuts they arrive in, are recyclable. The bags, labels and cardboard packaging can be recycled and the packaging peanuts can be washed down the sink - a fun little activity for the kids!