Vāri Cosmetics

Cosy Bed Socks

£12.99 £16.99

Welcome those winter months armed with your super cosy, handmade bed socks - guaranteed to keep tootsies warm and happy!

Our bed socks / lounge socks / cosy socks - whatever you want to call them! - are hand knit by our very own flesh and blood, so we know they’re the best quality. They’re made using the highest quality Alpaca wool, which keeps feet warm and snug without that sweaty feeling you can sometimes get with cheaper cotton or wool. They’re also available in some stunning colours.

These soft socks are perfect for snuggling up in bed with while reading a book, or even for pottering around the house on a lazy Sunday morning. Even better, they make a really thoughtful gift for someone special and in need of a bit of TLC.

SMALL - 4-5

MEDIUM - 5-6

LARGE - 6-7