Ducky Loofah Sponge


This isn't common knowledge, but here at Vari we absolutely adore ducks. So when we saw this high quality, natural loofah in cute ducky shape we knew we had to offer it to you guys! QUACK!

A really cute and fun way to exfoliate the skin while bathing, these loofahs are expertly created by Croll & Denke to offer better health and complexion by gently supporting the skin in the renewal process. 

How to use our ducky loofah sponges

This loofah is 100% natural, obtained from the inside of ripe loofah plants from the tropics. How cool is that!? The compressed, fibrous material peels the skin thoroughly and, most importantly, gently. Watch as old, flaky skin washes away leaving healthier, happier, glowing skin behind. 

After your skin has been cleansed with our ducky loofahs, use your favourite cleanser or moisturises which will be able to penetrate the skin better.