Halloween Gift Bag

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Know someone who would love to spook up their bath time regime a little this autumn? Then they’ll love our Halloween Gift Bag!

Each gorgeous black handled bag has inside:

  • 1 Jelly bath bomb
  • 1 Black beauty bath bomb
  • 1 toasted marshmallow bath brick
  • 1 extra large trouble bubble scoop
  • Temporary tattoo
  • Sweeties!


The Jelly Bath Bomb is perfect for Halloween as it does exactly how it’s described - it turns the bath water to jelly! - not literally, of course, but the sodium alginate inside this bath bomb (which is found naturally in seaweed) turns the water a wonderfully goopy texture, which is actually a super hydrating and incredibly beneficial goop that deep cleanses the skin (yay!). The bomb also has beautiful citrus essential oils and undertones of yummy vanilla.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a Black Beauty bath bomb to turn bath waters deep dark black with those gorgeous blue cornflowers on top for luxury and decadence. This bath bomb has earthy and grounding unisex essential oils.

Were also introducing our Bath Bricks in the form of our Toasted Marshmallow Bath Brick, encased in a black little bag with pretty pink and silver colours. It’s small but powerful as your bath will be filled with yummy marshmallow scent.

And then we have the giant bubble scoop. The Frankenstein of bubble scoops! Trouble Bubble Scoop is orange, patchouli and lavender essential oil based and can be cut into segments to create massive amounts of hydrating buttery bubbles. The black and pink colours create a whirlwind of gorgeous purples in the bath, too.

Finally, we have some nice bits to play with such as our pumpkin spice mini wax melts, to turn your home into that perfect autumnal scent; temporary tattoos to play around with; and a sweetie or two to gobble up.