Wax Melt Snapbars

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White amber and musk

Musky, floral and complex, white amber and musk is perfect for bed time or winding down after a hard day. Lavender,bergamot, geranium, jasmine, patchouli and lily combined with amber create a musky, vanilla-y sweet burn.


Inspired by the White Company, Seychelles is a popular scent of citrusy bergamot and orange with hints of rich amber, coconut, almonds and vanilla for a rich tropical scent.

Flashy bathroom

Inspired by the popular bathroom cleaner, this scent is a fresh, fruity and delicately floral scent with a musky, amber undertone - perfect for Sunday cleaning day.

Cocoa & patchouli

Rich and seductive patchouli intensifies with sweet berries and succulent nectar, rolled off with gorgeous dark cocoa and earthy spices for warming and spicy scent.

Spring awakening

A popular laundry scent, Spring Awakening is a floral scent with strong undertones of white cedar and patchouli to help your home smell fresh and clean all day long.


Beautiful lavender and Dead Sea salts, combined with earthy musk and moss oils, sweet clary sage and musky cedarwood and vetiver, Tranquility is perfect for relaxation and a personal favourite.

Oud & bergamot

Inspired by Jo Malone, this scent releases sparkling and bright citrus scents of bergamot and lemon, while cedarwood and oud bring depth and earthiness for a luxurious and rich burn.



Snap one or two chunks of the wax bar off and place in a clean wax melt burner. Your wax will melt and release is gorgeous scent, filling your home with your favourite bath scents.


  • Approx 60g 
  • Soy wax
  • Bio glitter
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Mica coloured
  • Highly scented

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