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WORKSHOP: Managing your Expenses (for beginners)



 Have you started up your own business and want to know a bit more about how to manage your expenses? In this workshop we’ll talk you through one of the methods we’ve found to be the best in managing business expenses including recording expenses, saving receipts and keeping logs. Accountancy is an incredibly vast topic and we are not accountants, so for this workshop we will only be talking through best practices for managing expenses.


  • How to track your expenses
  • How to keep a record of your receipts
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Q&A


1. Purchase your ticket below. Please include your questions of the Q&A in the notes section when checking out, or email them to hello@varicosmetics.co.uk 

2. About a week before the workshop, we’ll send you details on how to join us on the day.

3. The call will last approximately 40 mins and there will be time for us to answer your questions.

4. We will share any documents or references with you via email afterwards if requested and will aim to answer any questions you have via email up to a week after the call as well.


The contents of these workshops is for informational purposes only. Anything expressed in this workshop is my own personal opinion and your own research should be done to ensure you're following all laws, regulations and compliance levels when manufacturing your own cosmetics. Regulations update regularly and we do not take any responsibility with our content should the attendee not choose to thoroughly research their own topic area to ensure they're following current regulations and laws. No responsibility is assumed for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any other inconsistencies.