Boss Babe mini Bath Bombs

How best to use and store our products


Once you’ve filled your bath with water, gently lower your Bath bomb into the water. Jump in and RELAX!

Bath bombs are a fantastic way to enjoy a little self-care, relaxation and make bath time extra special.

We handmake all our products at Vari and we have purposefully selected ingredients that will love your skin. Each bath bomb has lightly moisturising grapeseed oil, Vitamin E for skins and if you’re using one of our Butterbombs they have Shea or Cocoa Butter to add an extra touch of hydration.

We always recommend that you wash your bath lightly before and after each bath to prevent a build-up of residue. We use Polysorbate 80 in our products to help prevent bath staining. 

Your Bath bombs will keep for up to 36 months (although fresh is always best) make sure you keep your bath bombs in the packaging they arrive in to keep the scent fresh and you can keep the colour vibrant by keeping them in a cool dark space such a your bath room cupboard our a wicker basket. 



Unlike a bath bomb, you want to gently crumble your bubble scoop under running water. The aggravation from the running water is what helps to create lots of bubbles, so why not even swish the water around with your hand to see what our scoops can really do.

Better yet, why not try our Bubble Boosters? Simply pop your scoop in the booster and hold it under running water for super airy bubbles!

Once your bubble scoop has dissolved in the water, hop in and enjoy the silky-smooth fragrant bubbles.  

Keep your Bubble scoops in a cool dry space, preferably a cupboard or a basket, remember these little treasure are full of rich Cocoa and Shea butter, if they get warm they may start melting! 



You can use as many Bath Melts as you wish in the bath, one adds a little buttery and essential oil luxury to a bath, the more you add the stronger the effect. 

Simply pop them in the bath when the water is poured and let the butters melt into the water. 

Bath time hack - These are a fantastic addition to any bath bomb to turn your bath into a Butterbomb or add to the bath with some of our bath bricks. 

Foot Spa anyone?! These are a great pre pedicure treat leaving your feet super soft and ready pampering 

Store your Bath Melts in the packet or in a jar in a cool dry spot to avoid them activating. 


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