About Vāri Cosmetics

"I wanted to make high quality bath bombs that genuinely cares for even the most sensitive skin"
Vari Cosmetics has been operating since 2018, when Founder Verity Maskell decided to follow her passion for alchemy. Verity was inspired by a nutritional therapy course she attended, where she learned just how powerful natural ingredients are in healing the body. She loved having a relaxing bath in the evenings and so applied her newfound alchemy to creating bath products.
In 2019, Verity left her full-time office job to focus on Vari Cosmetics fulltime. Vari Cosmetics has since been featured in several magazines and online features, such as WomenOnTop; Shop Marlow; Bean and Boy; and most recently Glamour Magazine UK. We're proud to have over 100 Google Reviews from happy customers who enjoy all of our products and support our business, and over 24,000 followers on Instagram (where you'll find us most often!).
We're confident in saying that we're one of the leading small business bath bomb companies on the market today who offer handmade, eco-friendly bath bombs that genuinely care for even the most sensitive skin.
The dream has turned into a reality and we're proud to still create 100% handmade products, and support other small businesses here in the UK, that genuinely care for our customers skin and mental wellbeing.
Thank you to all our wonderful customers for keeping our small business dream alive and for anyone new reading this, we hope you join the Vari family.