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Thank you for your interest in purchasing from us for wholesale! For all wholesale enquiries, please email wholesale@varicosmetics.co.uk with the following information:

 We'll aim to respond within 5 working days.

Wholesale FAQs

Here are some of the frequent questions we're asked regarding wholesaing our bath products:

  1. What is the shelf life for bath bombs and bubble scoops?

    Our bombs and scoops have a 6 month shelf life when stored correctly in their original packaging. If they're taken out of their packaging for display purposes, for example, then the shelf life will be shorter. 
  2. What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

    For our bath bombs and bubble scoops, we offer a MOQ of 40. 
  3. Do you provide the ingredients labels?

    Yes, we're happy to provide these for you and they are covered in the cost. If you'd rather create your own labels then we're happy for you to do this and we will send all the information you need to ensure your labels are legally complaint e.g. ingredients, batch numbers, use by dates, warnings etc. It will be your legal responsibility to ensure the labels are compliant. 
  4. How do you package the bath bombs?

    We will package them in our standard way unless another way is agreed. This is typically in white glassine bags (biodegradable) with our ingredients label keeping the bag closed. If you'd like your bath bombs to be packaged another way then please discuss this with us. Packaging for bath bombs and bubble scoops needs to be food-grade, so there are limitations. However, there are lots of different coloured sweet bags and clear cellulose bags available that we're happy to work with at an additional cost.
  5. Do you offer white label?

    Yes, we're happy to offer white labelling on orders of 120 bath bombs or 100 bubble scoops, or more. If you'd like us to create the labels for you then please be sure to send us a high res version of your logo.
  6. How should I store the bath bombs once they arrive?

    We would recommend keeping your bath bombs in their packaging and out of direct sunlight. We'd also advise not piling them on top of each other, as this may cause them to crack or break. Treat them delicately and protect them from humidity, sunlight and moisture.
  7. Can we use your photos on our website/social media pages?

    If you'd like to use any of our photography on your website or social media then please ensure you notify us and appropriately credit us on your website as the photographer.
  8. How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping varies anywhere from £10-80 depending on what and how much you've ordered. Bubble scoops are lighter and easier to package than bath bombs, so may be cheaper to ship. Whereas bath bombs are heavy (150g each) and require a lot of packaging to ensure they don't break or knock against each other during transit. We use heavy duty boxes, paper, biodegradable peanuts and we also recycle packaging from other orders to ship your wholesale orders. We like to use DPD, our regular courier, to ship your orders because we have found them to be the best. They ship 1-2 days delivery and on the whole take good care of our parcels. If you order over 120 bath bombs, we may send your order in more than one delivery as we can only fit 120 bath bombs approximately into one box without it becoming too heavy. We are investigating pallet options that may be cheaper, but haven't found one we're comfortable to go ahead with yet.
  9. Can I change the name of the bath bomb/s?

    Ideally, no
  10. Can I change the design of the bath bombs?

    Ideally, no. We're very limited to the changes we can make to our bath bombs due to safety certification. However, for an increased price we can discuss altering designs to accommodate your vision.
  11. Can I develop a custom bath bomb with you?

    Yes, this is a possibility! However, we feel we should warn you that it's no quick thing. To develop your own design and scent, we would need to carry out a safety assessment which can take a few months. Submitting a recipe for assessment can be upwards of £70 and an admin fee will be charged as well. For future orders, there will also be a MOQ of 120 per order for a custom developed bath bomb. We will also be limited to the design we can do for you as it will need to fit our specs.

    If you're serious about developing a custom bath bomb then we'd love to work with you and can certainly take care of it for you :)
  12. What's your turnaround time?

    We allow up to 4 weeks to process our wholesale orders. If you need your order quicker than this, then please talk to us and we'll look at our schedule.
  13. How do I pay?

    We will issue you an invoice with our bank details on. Once we receive payment, we'll begin processing your order.
  14. Are you VAT registered?

    Yes we are. Our VAT number is 328216315.
  15. Are your products safe?

    Yes. Our recipes have been assessed by a chemist and approved with appropriate certification. We label our products accurately with the required information.
  16. Are you products vegan and cruelty free?

    All of our products are vegan, apart from Beekeeper Bath Bomb, Beekeeper Bubble Scoop and Honey Dew Bath Bomb which have honey fragrance oil in. All of our products are cruelty-free.